Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Want more science fun for kids? Try using Easy Science Experiments for Kids. Kids can create their own fun science project using the science topics in this easy-to-use, kids-centric guide. With clear, concise instructions, this book lets kids experiment on their own, even if they don’t have a scientific background.

Easy Science Experiments for Kids

This book has some great suggestions for easy science experiments for kids. Kids can try making a balloon sculpture using household materials. Blow up a balloon with a mixture of water and white vinegar – the result will be a balloon that’s taller than the original. This one doesn’t require any science background, but it’s pretty neat to see how the simple ingredients combine to form this fun project. Kids will also love to see how easy it is to shape the balloon into different shapes, such as a triangle, a heart, a football, or just about any other shape that they can imagine.

Kids will love to see their pennies turn into valuable coin bits when they use the polymer clay to create “hardened” pennies. The easiest steps are to lay down a few layers of polyurethane onto a smooth cloth, and then to outline the layers with a black marker. Next, place the “hardened” penny layers on top of one another, and then smooth out any bubbles or lumps with a soft bristled brush. This is a great project to do with a group of kids, since it’s easy to break up the activity into several manageable stages.

Kids will also appreciate this Easy Science Experiments for Kids Overview of a Simple Project. This quick project shows kids how to thoroughly clean an absorbent sock. To make this experiment more fun, include some food coloring. At the end of the first stage, your child will have successfully cleaned an absorbent sock in only two steps! The following two steps are similar to those of the “cleaning a dirty sock” overview, but you’ll be using a combination of food coloring and rubbing alcohol to get the job done.

This super simple science experiment teaches kids how to remove an object from its liquid state. You’ll need a glass jar with a tight fitting lids, a straw, and some distilled water. Allow your kids to put the lid of the jar and gently swirl it around for a few minutes. When the water begins to turn cloudy, gently take the straw and replace it over the glass.

This Easy Science Experiments for Kids Science Fair Project will help your child understand how soap molecules become stickier. To make this science fair experiment, gather up a few bar soap bars, a bottle sponge, and some dish soap. Fill the dish soap with the dish soap, but only enough so that it doesn’t stick to the bar. Now add a little bit of distilled water. Allow your kids to rub the soap and the bottle sponge together for about ten minutes. Once the soap has completely soaked the sponge, wipe it clean with paper towels.

An Easy Science Experiment for Kids that demonstrates the properties of lemon juice is all about liquids. Your kids will need a clean glass jug, a teaspoon, some clean rind from a lemon, and some distilled water. Allow your kids to mix the lemon juice with some distilled water and pour it into their glass jug. At the end of the experiment, check the pH level and pour the drink into another clean jug.

For this Fun Science Fair Project your kids will need colored pencils, a bottle cap, some cork drops, some clear liquid dye, some rubbing alcohol, and food coloring. Create a chalkboard by drawing a chalk line and listing down what you used for the recipe on the chalkboard. Now your child can do a simple syrup recipe demonstration using these simple science toys!

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